Speak out. Stay safe. – Michelle

By | October 19, 2019

Speak out Stay safe is just teaching children
that all children have rights and one of those rights
is for children to be safe and if a child is being harmed in any way,
they need to speak out to get some help, so that,
that abuse, stops. I go into the schools and talk to the children
about different ways that they can be hurt and talk to them about speaking out to a
trusted adult, if anything’s making them sad worried, anxious or frightened. So, following one assembly,
there was quite a queue of children that wanted to speak to me at the end. I noticed this little girl who was deliberately
staying at the back of the queue and she looked worried.
You know, her shoulders were down her head was down, she looked quite anxious. So I said to the little girl,
did you want to say something to me? At that point she said,
“My Dad isn’t nice to me, he calls me names he sometimes hits me, and he said that
if I tell anybody he’ll go to prison and it will be all my fault”. At that point the little girl broke down
in tears and was really distraught. You’re also kind of fighting
your emotions yourself because it’s really, really upsetting
when you’ve got a little girl that young saying that to you and they’re that upset,
you have to show them that you know, you’re strong
and you can help them. I said she’s done really well to speak out,
it’s not easy to speak out and she’s done the right thing. Myself and my colleague took her
to her teacher, and she told the teacher exactly what she’d told me. I’m not sure that she knew that what was
happening to her was wrong or that it wasn’t happening to everybody else. If I wasn’t there that day, then you know,
and nobody was in the school that day that abuse could still be going on,
and because I did what I did that morning it will stop and that little girl can get some help. No matter how much I believed in the
service before, it just made it more important. You know, I’m just so more determined,
every school I go into I need to make sure that I get the message across.

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