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Hello! This is Per-Wei Liao Today I don’t talk about love and interpersonal relationship Let us discuss about your job The job represents one-thirds of lifetime and one-thirds of daytime Actually, it is a crucial part But… Because of jobs, maybe many people suffer in the negativity So most people will… transfer the negative side… Read More »

處女座的戀愛誤區︱12星座感情問題︱Virgo relationship

Learn Zodiac Signs in Japanese (Kanji,Hiragana,Katakana & Rōmaji)

We are going to learn names of 12 zodiac signs. Zodiac sign/ Seiza (in Rōmaji) Aries/ Ohitsuji za (in Rōmaji) Taurus/ Oushi za (in Rōmaji) Gemini/ Futago za (in Rōmaji) Cancer/ Kani za (in Rōmaji) Leo/ Shishi za (in Rōmaji) Virgo/Otome za (in Rōmaji) Libra/ Tenbin za (in Rōmaji) Scorpio/ Sasori za (in Rōmaji) Sagittarius/… Read More »