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Ancient Updates To Surya Siddhanta | Nilesh Oak | Indian Astronomy | Srijan Talks

So essentially what we are looking for these combinations. We are looking for three things – one is two pole stars, the second one is the 24-degree obliquity and the third one is the peak of Hemant Ritu. The peak of Hemanta which means what? Approximately one month before 21st December in our times. It… Read More »

Parkaya pravesh mystery- A high power of indian tantra mathods. (with ENGLISH SUBTITLE).

Namaste!! At Vajreshwari near Mumbai… Divyayogaashram is planning to construct Maa Pitambara Devi temple… also known as Maa Baglamukhi. We look forward to your support in this. If you wish to come forward and make the donation… You can make the donation through Bank transfer, PayTM & UPI. Your donation will be eligible for Tax… Read More »

Have astronomers disproved the Big Bang?

If there’s a question that you guys never expected me to ever ask, it might be “have astronomers disproved the Big Bang?” And I understand why you might think that. After all, in my videos, I describe what scientists know about the most cutting-edge topics in physics research. So, perhaps I should be up front… Read More »

Bagalamukhi beej yantra making for hidden enemy, blackmagic and tantra security. (English sub title)

Divyayogaashram is planning to construct a Temple in Vajreshwari, Mumbai of Maa Pitambara Devi also known as Mata Bagalamukhi. We hope you come forward and support us … If you wish to support and donate for this… You can donate by Bank Transfer, PayTM & UPI… Tax Deduction is available under Section 80G, Income Tax… Read More »

Astronomers At Work – Space Documentary

what does it take to be professional astronomer working with the world’s most powerful telescopes producing top-notch science how does it feel to be working in exotic locations and collaborating with astronomers from around the world stay tuned to this is so cost to go behind the scenes of an Easter astronomer at work in… Read More »

Promo [Astronomy: State of the Art]

Welcome to Astronomy: State of the Art. This is a course about the state of the art in astronomy, and what we’re learning about the universe. My name’s Chris Impey. I’m a professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona. I got my graduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, which is where I’m from,… Read More »


Welcome back. This is the new moon in Capricorn Happy holidays reading pick a card this time. I know some of you love the pick a card So for the holidays, we’re gonna do a pick a card So the new moon in Capricorn I believe is on the 24th of December So we’re going… Read More »