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Texting a REAL Psychic about my Boyfriend!! It was so scary! (Mystery Gaming)

(laughing) – How does she know this? Oh my gosh! Hey guys, it’s Gabriella. Welcome back to another Mystery Gaming where a game gets picked out for me to play, and I have no idea how to play it. Today’s game is The Zodiac Touch. Psychics? No, I don’t like psychics! No! No, what is… Read More »

Angel Card Reading FEBRUARY 4-10 with Elizabeth Harper

Welcome I’m Elizabeth Harper and I’m here with this week’s angel messages. So what I’d like you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings yeah then invite your angels to guide you to either message one two or three a message that comes from their… Read More »

ARIES ♈Weekly August 2019: Becoming the 💎DIAMOND 💎that you are! Ascending towards excellence!✨💯✨

Hi Aries my name is Tianah and welcome to my channel and aspired by ease I am so happy that you found my little growing channel and I hope this week’s message really resonates with you and is of some value for you and I just want to thank all the new subscribers that have… Read More »