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Chinese Zodiac Origin Story: The Great Race | LittleArtTalks

Hey guys, it’s Karin. Welcome back to Little art Talks. Now you probably already know about the astrological zodiac, as in “Hey, what’s your star sign?”, but did you know there’s a Chinese zodiac as well? Similarly, it is a circle of 12 animals, but instead of each corresponding to a particular month, each animal… Read More »

Black Holes 101 | National Geographic

(mysterious music) – [Woman] Black holes are among the most fascinating objects in our universe, and also the most mysterious. A black hole is a region in space where the force of gravity is so strong, not even light, the fastest known entity in our universe, can escape. The boundary of a black hole is… Read More »

Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

you think that with the beautiful photographs that we have of our round blue planet it would convince any doubters but there are still some who insist that the world is flat correspondent Mariana van Zeller discovers more about this fast growing movement in California I’m Mariana van Zeller and I’m in Southern California to… Read More »

Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member

Alvin: So when you get your dog, and you’re like 11 years old… they never tell you what to expect down the road. The only thing that they tell you is… “You have to clean after your dog.” This is Alvin and his dog Rainbow. They spent 18 years together since Alvin was just 11,… Read More »

Chinese Lunar Calendar Explained: Story, Animals, Zodiac & Legend

hello everybody you’re watching Curious Pavel and this is the video I promised you if you watch this video till the end you learn why the Chinese knew it is on a different date every year which are the animals from the Chinese calendar why these are the animals a curious legend about them and… Read More »