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Taking Pictures Too Far | Anwar Jibawi

we gotta go gonna take a picture oh yes he’s yes like a selfie yeah you look great thank you that’s not wide enough only get the background yeah um but human taking a picture of me my girlfriend no worries of course thank you thanks man okay although she’s the star of the show… Read More »

First Time Flying | Lele Pons

Excuse me miss? Can you help me? Where is this, um Seat? Welcome, in the back. Oh and when can i order a drink? Please take your seat. It’s my first time flying so I’m really no risk. Please take your seat. I’m new here please be nice to me.You know. Please take your seat… Read More »

Secret Santa | Lele Pons

You see, there’s two type of people in this world The ones that give and the ones that receive. I’m a receiver, okay? I like to receive. Every year, we do a secret santa thing. Okay, okay, we give and receive everything’s great, okay? I never get anything! okay, so like the first year… someone… Read More »

Spying on Your Boyfriend | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

Okay, uh, boys night, love you! We’ll be out late, don’t wait for us. Yes. Both: Bye! Lele: Love you. Hannah: Have fun! Lele: yeah Lele: Did you put it on? Did you put it on yours? Hannah: I did, did you? Lele: I put it on mine. Check it out. Log in. Sight on… Read More »

Worst Fortune Teller Ever | Lele Pons

shout outs to lele pons fav video im going to be looking at the vid today>>WELCOME! shut up>>What do you see when you see yourself in the mirror?>>well i see>>how ugly you are>>Ready for the future, and its so stupid>>Oh! Um. Ooh! Oh my gosh. Okay, imTRIGGGGGERD>>I hate your work, and I saw you on… Read More »

Every Girl’s Purse | Anwar Jibawi

thank you extra butter excited for movie night I mean I’ve never seen The Notebook but oh oh my god it’s so sad when they die at the end you just spoiled it yeah I guess I did well I’m sorry about that whatever my phone’s on 1% you saw have a charger oh yeah… Read More »

Taking Everything Literally | Anwar Jibawi

[laughter] She is so much taller than he is. [knock on door] Come in. Hey, cousin! Hey Hey man, uh, drop your stuff, make yourself comfortable. No, no, don’t take your pants off. You said get comfortable. Not that comfortable. Put ’em back on. All right, guys. This is my cousin, and he takes everything… Read More »