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Vedic New Year: Sun Moves Into Aries on April 14th

April 14th, the beginning of the year. The year begins not on January 1st, but on April 14th. Sometimes it happens on April 15th, but this year it happens on April 14th. It is the real beginning of the year because the Sun actually moves into Aries on this day. The movement of Sun into… Read More »

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Rahu and Ketu Transit For Aries From 2019 | Prakash Astrologer

[Music] let’s talk about Aries Rahu Ketu transit for Aries for the coming time and all the prediction regarding Rahu and Ketu both and the precaution and the task and solution and as well as the chanting for Aries let’s talk about rahu and ketu transit for Aries moon sign and ascendant this prediction will… Read More »

Aries Sign – is Aries personality Good in Love?

Aries Sign is Aries personality Good in Love? it’s hard to say. But this is definitely one of the most successful and energetic zodiac signs in the Astrology, because of its inflammable human nature and fearless character. But there many different life situations, in which no one knows how to deal with this man or… Read More »

मेष लग्न वाले लोगो के लिए राजयोग ग्रह ! Janam kundali : Aries sign ! Jyotish shastra

Hello friends I’m your friend alok Friends Our horoscope is the mirror of our life Every human being can know about his future by looking at his horoscope Like how would that person be in future? Whether that person will earn money or not When will that person get married? Such person will do business… Read More »

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