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An Astrologer Predicts Our Love Lives

– It literally feels like you’re Jiminy Cricket sitting next to me and like, telling me these things I always tell myself. (lighthearted music) I honestly, my relationship with astrology, I’ve always been like into it. But I don’t think I’m into as much as a lot of my friends. – I’m really fascinated by… Read More »

Teen Vs. Adult: Should You Date Your Friend’s Ex? (Ft. Taylor & Reese Hatala)

like middle school elementary school I had frenemies I can’t do it anymore I feel like I haven’t had a friend of me yet I just started high school in cannabis so you will have frenemies – I’m only in grade 7 hasn’t really happened yet we’re going to take a quiz on BuzzFeed comm… Read More »

Women Get Styled Based On Their Astrological Charts

– Always remember: be your Venus. – [All] Be your Venus! – Be your fire! (upbeat music) ^- I’m obsessed with astrology. ^I probably looked up my birth chart for the first time last year. ^- I’ve been studying astrology since I was around 16. ^I have a pretty casual relationship with it and I… Read More »

Horoscopes – Real Talk Episode 27

Aquarius p**** is really good. So my dad’s an Aquarius. I wonder if his p**** is really good. Okay, okay, okay, anyway… Welcome back to another episode of Real Talk! In today’s ep… Which we don’t wanna do but Saff wants to do and so many of you guys are asking for it! Yeah, actually… Read More »