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Astronomers At Work – Space Documentary

what does it take to be professional astronomer working with the world’s most powerful telescopes producing top-notch science how does it feel to be working in exotic locations and collaborating with astronomers from around the world stay tuned to this is so cost to go behind the scenes of an Easter astronomer at work in… Read More »

Aesthetics and Astronomy (Standard Definition)

Aesthetics and Astronomy Narrator (April Hobart, CXC) Every year, hundreds of astronomical images are released to the general public by the many telescopes on the ground and in space – including the Chandra, Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes — that observe the Universe. These images span the entire electromagnetic spectrum, mostly representing light and phenomena… Read More »

Dark Matter and Dark Energy: The Frontier of Astronomy

Hey, it’s Professor Dave, I wanna tell you about dark matter. When you really think about everything we have discussed in this astronomy series, you have to admit that our current understanding of the universe is nothing short of astounding. All of those objects in the night sky that we’ve wondered about since we could… Read More »

Nature Astronomy – About the Journal

Nature Astronomy covers all of astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science. We aim to bring different communities together by providing articles that are written at a very accessible level for people who are non experts. For instance, our research papers often come with news and views articles that place the paper in context, so that even… Read More »

The Columba Project: Astronomy for Peace

I remember when I was a school kid and I used to wait for the bus to go to school I could see the mountains in the north, the Pentadactilos, or the Besparmak mountains, and at that point obviously there was tensions, and you couldn’t go there, and everything I knew about these mountains were… Read More »

Astronomers Find Invisible Galaxies That Change Everything We Know About Science

Ok, so here’s some space 101 for you. You know what a planet is, right? You’re sitting on one at this moment in time. It’s Earth, your home. We are the third rock from the sun. The first is Mercury, ‘cos he’s closest to that energy giver, the Sun. Our family is called the Solar… Read More »

Next in Science | Astronomy and Astrophysics | Part 1 || Radcliffe Institute

[MUSIC PLAYING] – Hi. Welcome everybody to our second installation of Next In Science. The idea here is to bring together early career scientists who are working in somewhat allied, but not too closely allied fields, to present their work. The idea being that a lot of times the most exciting science is being done… Read More »