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Ancient Astronomy: Babylon

SO before making this video I knew that Greek astronomy was, to put it kindly, “inspired” by Babylonian astronomy. But I didn’t realise how much of an influence it had on modern astronomy. Really a lot of concepts and research techniques that are still used today were developed in ancient Babylon. But the first thing… Read More »

BatShitCrazy Zone – VR: Trick or Truth

hello my friends so I came across video any of his car creek where truth so I hope knowing where does it really come from it comes from Catholicism but when you know let you dig this hole a little deeper wider we really celebrate it because it’s fun where you goin what this these… Read More »

The Babylonian mind

This dragon here called a Mušḫuššu is about 2500 years old And it comes from Nebuchadnezzar’s capital city Babylon in the middle of ancient Iraq And when you see it now, when you look at it and look in its eye it might strike you as something very alien and very distant and nothing to… Read More »