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The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy

Since the Hubble Space Telescope went into orbit back in April 1990, it has sent back a ton of incredible photos. Each has its own story, but one of Hubble’s greatest images is this one, from 1995. This is a snapshot of nearly the entire history of the universe – and the first of its… Read More »

A Brief History of the Universe: Crash Course Astronomy #44

Hey folks, Phil Plait here, and for the past few episodes, I’ve been going over what we know about the structure, history, and evolution of the Universe, and how we know it. Now it’s time to put that into action. We can use this knowledge of physics, math, and astronomy to figure out what the… Read More »

Gravitational Astronomy? How Detecting Gravitational Waves Changes Everything

Just a couple of weeks ago, astronomers from Caltech announced their third detection of gravitational waves from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory or LIGO. As with the previous two detections, astronomers have determined that the waves were generated when two intermediate-mass black holes slammed into each other, sending out ripples of distorted spacetime. One black… Read More »

History of Astronomy Part 1: The Celestial Sphere and Early Observations

Hey it’s Professor Dave, let’s check out the night sky. It’s taken almost ten billion years, but we’ve finally made it. We started with the Big Bang, we watched atoms form, we saw these collect to form stars and galaxies, we saw those stars explode to disperse the materials that would become all the planets,… Read More »

Questioning the universe | Stephen Hawking

There is nothing bigger or older than the universe. The questions I would like to talk about are: one, where did we come from? How did the universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? Is there alien life out there? What is the future of the human race? Up until the 1920s,… Read More »

Zodiac signs as kpop videos

[음악] 아 아 아 아 아 그 멜로디 라인도 다 왔잖아 서 맞아 원래는 지금은 뭐 괜찮아 아 으 초 아 예 예 멋져 와 아 뭐 리지드 볼 가운 카이 스테이 우월 카이 oo 아 아 here we we we 아 아 파 우드 유 없어 거라서 5 잇힝 잇힝 2 안했고 왜냐 ic… Read More »

The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe – Strange Stars Explained

Neutron stars are the densest things that are not black holes. Neutron stars are the densest things that are not black holes. In their cores, we might find the most dangerous substance in existence: In their cores, we might find the most dangerous substance in existence: strange matter᠎. A bizarre thing so extreme that it… Read More »

Our Special Earth: Our “Solar Address” and the Goldilocks Habitable Zone | David Rives

Every star we see is a burning mass of plasma, similar to the sun. Even so, our Sun is not just any old star. It is a main sequence G2 Here on Earth, we’re about 93 million miles from the Sun. That might sound trivial, but it’s a very important distance. We are situated in… Read More »

The Calendar and Astronomy – David Rives

In ancient times, celestial bodies such as the Sun, Moon and stars were central figures of the Zodiac. They were considered to be gods and goddesses, and based on the Zodiac, the movements of the heavens have become a means of divination. Scripture informs us that they worshiped the created more than the Creator. In… Read More »

The True Science of Parallel Universes

Everyone loves the idea of parallel universes – maybe it’s the appeal of an ideal world where you have second chances and things turn out differently – an alternate reality where you do get into Hogwarts and the Star Wars prequels aren’t made and you finally plug in your asymmetric computer cord correctly on the… Read More »