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Astronomers Find Vortex Around A Black Hole Spinning At 70% the Speed of Light

Black holes are going to kill you and everyone you love. Well, maybe. As one of the most powerful forces in the universe, black holes were originally believed to be a myth for centuries, and were only recently proven to in fact exist by modern science. Way back in 1687, Newton blew the mind of… Read More »

Einstein’s Gravity Waves: How Astronomers Proved Relativity’s Key Prediction | Alex Filippenko

One of the most exciting discoveries in all of science in the past year—and one in which there will be a lot of progress in the next five years—is the discovery of gravitational waves: ripples in the actual fabric of space time produced when, for example, two massive stars or black holes merge into one.… Read More »

Astronomers Discover Mystery Radio Signal From Another Galaxy

The date is 2001, and in the Australian outback a 64 meter radio telescope scans the sky for electromagnetic signals from deep space. With most of the electromagnetic energy in the universe being generated by stars and black holes, and outside of the visible light spectrum, the radio dish and the data it collects as… Read More »

Vanderbilt astrophysicist plans to observe a “cosmic symphony” using gravitational wave astronomy

We know that there are those objects like black hole inside which all known understanding of the universe simply breaks down. There is a boundary around a black hole which we call the event horizon after which even light cannot escape. So black hole has a way to tell its presence only through gravity. Laser… Read More »

What’s ahead for astronomy in 2017? | Science News

[music] Hi, I’m Christopher Crockett, and I’m the astronomy writer at Science News. In 2017, we’ll be learning about new things in our own solar system to the center of the galaxy out to galaxies billions of light-years away. One of the things I’m looking forward to in 2017 is astronomers figuring out where fast… Read More »

Gamma-Ray Bursts: Crash Course Astronomy #40

Sometimes in science, the story of HOW we learned something is just as cool as what we learned. In the case of gamma-ray bursts, it’s kinda hard to beat the awesomeness of what they are. But of all the plotlines in astronomy, their origin story comes the closest. It begins, quite literally, in the grip… Read More »

Astronomers Find Invisible Galaxies That Change Everything We Know About Science

Ok, so here’s some space 101 for you. You know what a planet is, right? You’re sitting on one at this moment in time. It’s Earth, your home. We are the third rock from the sun. The first is Mercury, ‘cos he’s closest to that energy giver, the Sun. Our family is called the Solar… Read More »

Black Holes – 60 Second Adventures in Astronomy (12/14)

60 Second Adventures in Astronomy. Number twelve, Black Holes. DIY tip 34 – How do you make yourself a black hole? A black hole occurs when something has so much mass in such a small space, that nothing can escape its gravitational pull – not even light. In 1931 Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar calculated that, if a… Read More »

A Black Hole Merger Every Week? LIGO And Virgo Are Back!

Notice that you haven’t been hearing much about black holes crashing into each other recently? That’s because the world’s most sensitive gravitational wave hunters have been offline for the last year. Well, they’re back now, with enough upgrades that they should be capable of finding a black hole merger every week, not to mention more… Read More »