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How to Break Up with Scorpio | Zodiac Love Guide

Scorpio is a difficult sign to break up with not because the Scorpio will last forever, it will if Scorpio feels loved and feels that you’re loyal to him or her, but the difficulty is Scorpio can be vindictive. Scorpio has a temper or an anger, more than a temper even. Scorpio can make a… Read More »

How to Break Up with Aquarius | Zodiac Love Guide

Aquarius is the intellectual, independent person, a free spirit, someone who is imaginative and curious. Now, all of these qualities kind of boil down to someone who has an outlook that goes outward, not inward. Let’s say you want now to get rid of the Aquarian. It’s going to be easy because Aquarius will probably… Read More »

How to Break Up with Aries | Zodiac Love Guide

The key to a breakup, let’s say, if you want to get rid of an Aries in your life, is really easy because Aries needs to be the one that’s the leader, that does exciting things, that thinks of life as a grand adventure. So, simply pulling away from an Aries, putting the Aries in… Read More »

How to Break Up with Cancer | Zodiac Love Guide

Emotionally Cancer needs comfort, a feeling of security, a feeling that the relationship is like a downy nest to be in the relationship so that’s it’s protective. Protective is a good word because Cancerians are not only protective themselves as nurturers but they also like to feel safe. That’s on every level, financially, emotionally and… Read More »

These Zodiac Signs Rebound Quickly After a Breakup

Welcome back dear bestie viewer, and today on the cosmic side of bestie, we’re going to talk about love and which signs are able to move on quickly after a break up, and which signs are not. Before we consult the stars, subscribe to bestie and click the notification bell. Help support out channel by… Read More »