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Theater Talk: “The Crucible”

>>HASKINS: Coming up on…>>VAN HOVE: The theater is for me a world of imagination. We should tell the audience that buys tickets stories that are important for them, for us today, you know, and not like yesterday, not like, “Oh, somewhere in time, people were like that.” No, we are still like that.>>HASKINS: “Theater Talk”… Read More »

“A Woman Walks Into the Room” – Bestsellers Season 1, Episode 8

companies kate hepburn brownies or do you do it have already signed a lease so any lower and these are just standard issue release forms orderly releasing permission to mentioned you know my book reading a book reading it for years accident family decided to finish it watkins look and then what well faiths is… Read More »

Theater Talk: “Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened”

>>HASKINS: Coming up on…>>PRINCE: Judy Prince, my wife, said, “Why don’t you do a show about kids?” And I thought, “You know, a play you used to just love was ‘Merrily We Roll Along.’”>>SONDHEIM: And so he suggested it to me, and I knew the play and thought it was a swell idea.>>HASKINS: “Theater Talk”… Read More »


93% 86% 70% 80% 93% 88% 95% In the past few years Only 93% of popular films Were directed by men And only 80% were written by them Were written by them Were written by them Women get to be naked in movies twice as often as men do twice Sadly, only 70% of of… Read More »

Aries and Virgo (Jenna Marbles) – by Daniel Ruffing, performed by Victoria Shell and Noah Meaux

I look around and he is nowhere in sight I hear him say “bitch who you fighting?” his Aries bullshit sends chills right down my spine but I still love him and he will always be mine Aries and Virgo together for life Somehow we make this thing work Julien, please, will you put down… Read More »