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Making A BuzzFeed Video: The Chinese Zodiac

– Today’s the day. And hopefully, everything goes well. (alarm buzzing) (slow calming music) – [Man] It’s her back, and then it turns into a wide, right? – Yeah. – Cool, cool. Okay, and then we get to, that’s like a snag close-ups, once she’s in her place? – This is as she’s walking. –… Read More »

The Try Guys Try Instagram Editing Apps

– Ooh, whoa! No Keith, no! – Today the try guys are gonna finally look hot. – [Zach] Hey! (laughing) – Through editing apps that you can buy on your phone. (punchy upbeat music) – I edit all my photos. If you use the color editors on Instagram that’s editing your photos. We all do… Read More »

11 Things Every Virgo Will Relate To

(suspenseful music) – Ooh, he’s cute! – He is kinda cute, huh? What’s his sign though? Uhh, Sagittarius. Nevermind, they’re fucking crazy! – I’m a Sagittarius. – Yeah, I know and you’re fucking crazy. Oh, Jasmine, I hate that scarf on you. – (scoffs) Rude. – I’m not being rude, I’m just being a friend!… Read More »

Why I’m Coming Out As Gay

I’ve never been more emotionally stressed in my life I just worry about your sanity and ability to do it all You gotta think this is the most expensive coming out video ever. When I told my parents it was shocking. Everything’s closing in on you. We’re running out of time. Am I ever finally… Read More »

What You Don’t Know About Elle Mills

today and once again speaking to someone a lot of you already know and love someone who is actually very open and shares a lot of her life on social media but still she doesn’t share everything because sharing a story doesn’t mean it’s the whole story so here today to go behind the handle… Read More »

Astrologists Guess People’s Zodiac Signs Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

hi my name is Kelly chambers I am an astrologer I’m about to guess these wonderful people’s Sun signs just based on some interview questions so we’ll see we’ll see how this goes I’m gonna start with you we’re gonna go down the line what’s your name Aaron Aaron okay tell me about your last… Read More »

People Guess Who’s a Virgin from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

– Whatever – I think you look amazing – Thank you! You want to fuck me. (laughing) – Yeah watchu doing tonight? – So she’s not a virgin. (laughing) – I’m Cat King. I’m a bartender and hairdresser. – My name is Sharee. I am a former high school Spanish teacher. – [Male Interviewer] Today… Read More »