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Hey everyone welcome back to the channel. My name is cupcake hope you guys are having a great day today today We’re going to be starting a brand new series that I’m really excited for and it’s a create a sim series and the theme for this series is Zodiac so some of you may… Read More »

Pisces – Zodiac CAS | THE SIMS 4

Hey guys welcome back to the channel! My name is cupcake and today, We are finally continuing our creative Sim zodiac series. So, we left off with pisces. Which is my personal favorite because it is actually MY sign! So, Pisces is from February 19th through March 20th. it’s a feminine sign. It’s also a… Read More »

【October Tarot Reading】 ALL Horoscope Signs ♥! (Sub Español)

Aries – Zodiac CAS | THE SIMS 4

Hey everyone welcome back to the channel! My name is Cupquake! And we are continuing our create a sim Zodiacs series so we are doing Aries today Which comes right after Pisces if you guys missed the previous two Create-A-Sim episodes I’ll put a link to the playlist in the description for you guys So… Read More »

Aries A quien conocerás en Febrero 2019? Nuevo Amor + 14 de Febrero Interactivo

If you are a man and you’re hoping to meet a woman and you are expecting to arrive you a man is going to be his features tips love to have my guides and also a interactive to see how you are spending This February 14 [Music] diesel welcome to love reading for this February… Read More »

आपका माथा आपके बारे में क्या बताता है? | Learn Face reading – Forehead | Physiognomy |

Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update I am not a guru or a scientist or a researcher or some baba I am sharing my experience about face reading which I have learnt from book and my life experiences In this series,we will understand face reading by relating it… Read More »


Hey, everyone welcome back to the channel. My name is Cupquake, and we are continuing our Create a sim series. We are on the second zodiac and we are doing the Aquarius originally I wanted to get these out quicker, but as Things go time just flew by and I lost track of time But… Read More »