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IZAL – Arte moderno | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

I see colours and silhouettes on the ceiling of this square room that you say that symbolizes the waiting room where we’ll know the future between heaven and hell. And I spent two hours looking at this fire which you say that contains the sphere a red point in the middle of a fabric and… Read More »

Epica – Cry for the moon | Cover by Aries [subtítulos]

Follow your common sense You cannot hide yourself behind a fairytale forever and ever Only by revealing the whole truth can we disclose The soul of this sick bulwark forever and ever Forever and ever Indoctrinated minds so very often contain sick thoughts And commit most of the evil they preach against Don’t try to… Read More »

WarCry – Cada Vez | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

Every time I go wrong, You were always by my side Trying to help. Every time you’ve done a song, Patiently listened The fruits of illusion How many hours has passed Listening to talk Patiently listened The fruits of illusion. How many hours has passed Listening to talk? Relating my projects And my way of… Read More »

BSO COCO – Recuérdame | LIVE | Cover by Aries 🌼

Remember me. Today I have to leave, my love Remember me Don’t cry, please I have you in my heart and you’ll have me close Alone I’ll sing, dreaming of coming back Remember me Though I have to migrate Remember me If you hear my guitar cry With her sad singing she will accompany you… Read More »

WarCry – Cobarde | Cover by Aries [Subtitles]

Who knew? Who thought? Nothing in his movements betrayed him. Nobody heard her. Nobody saw. She turned her face to the pain. I saw she walking on the park. angel converted in woman. All of her was amability. Even when she was full of pain. She never stopped to smile, until the final day. She… Read More »

Guns N’ Roses – Don’t Cry | LIVE | Cover by Aries #MarzoRegrabando

Hi guys. I hope you are having a good day. Today I am going to record again a great song from Guns and Roses thats call “Don’t you Cry” You all ask for it via Twitter so thank you so much for voting on my poll and, nothing more. I hope to improve the cover… Read More »

Zenobia – Ante tus ojos | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

Tell me the times I’ve lost my reason for you. The things I’ve left behind I slept in your lap, who would tell me how much love was to be extinguished? You have overcome I curse my illusion and my punishment And I’ll be back like every sunrise To prostrate before your eyes You see,… Read More »

Rata Blanca – La leyenda del hada y el mago | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

This is the story of a wizard Who once cried in his enchanted forest Because, despite his magic, He hadn’t been able to find love The moon, his only friend Gave him strength to bear All the sorrow he felt Because of his such long solitude And he knew very well that as long as… Read More »

Mägo de Oz – La rosa de los vientos | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

If you sow an illusion and irrigate it with your love, And water from the constancy A flower will bloom in you And its aroma and heat, Clothe you when something goes wrong. If you sow an ideal in the land of maybe and comply it with envy will be difficult to start the evil… Read More »

WarCry – No te abandonaré | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

Look at you, so small, so happy … The best part of me, my sun. I’ll leave, soon the ship will set sail I can not see you grow up, my love I did not choose to depart Death decided for me. I hate to lose you when I barely found you There isn’t a… Read More »