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Sue Woolmore talks about disguised compliance and the importance of professional curiosity

My name’s Sue Woolmore and I’m a social worker by background, working in child protection in both the statutory and voluntary sector. I spend a lot of time with practitioners and their first line managers talking about the kind of issues that they deal with when they’re working with families and there is a really… Read More »

Childhood neglect: Scenario 4 Social Work Manager (part 1)

Right, then, that’s two cases done. Let’s move on now to the Henderson Miller Taylor family. How are things going? You’ve been on it for, what, six months now? Yes, it is around six months but despite the support we’ve put in place things really haven’t improved much. But you did an assessment surely? And… Read More »

Horoscope for an Aries Baby | Parents

Whoa, the Aries child is a little bundle of energy. So it’s no surprise he’ll be a natural born leader, independent and confident. This also means he’ll want to do as much as possible without your help. And that’s a good thing, whether he’s feeding himself or attempting to get dressed, he’s learning important life… Read More »

Childhood neglect: Scenario 2 Specialist Child Protection Nurse (part 2)

– Hey, Kate. – Hello, Sarah. – Can I grab a quick word? – Yes, go ahead. I’ve got some concerns about a child called Kimberley Miller. She lives on the local estate and her parents are called Darren and Claire. I was just wondering if we could have a talk about some of the… Read More »

Meet Dr. Susan Moore, MD | Pediatrics | Meet Dr. Right

Well we are a pediatric office so we’re all about kids. Kids are our most precious resource in this life and we think every little person is very special and unique. So we are really focused on the children and helping them with any health issues or wellness. Keeping them healthy and safe and working… Read More »

I’m 17 | Kate Simonds | TEDxBoise

Translator: Sarah Braun Reviewer: Denise RQ Hi everyone. My name is Kate Simonds, and I’m 17. Upon hearing me say this or seeing the title of this talk, “I’m 17”, I’m sure you’re thinking: since she’s on the stage, she must have done something incredible that she can teach me about. Maybe she– I don’t… Read More »

Are you biased? I am | Kristen Pressner | TEDxBasel

Translator: Ivana Krivokuća Reviewer: Denise RQ Let me just get this out there. I have a bias against women leaders. No one can be more surprised about this than me. I’m a woman leader. And on top, I even work in human resources, which means it’s my job to be unbiased. In fact, I passionately… Read More »