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Weekly Reads Wrapup with Stan Lee’s Zodiac Legacy, Simon Thorn, Snowman, and Slime Experiments

hi i’m jessica and i’m kira and we are The Keepers of the Books, your online librarians and we’re here with a weekly reads episode for you. My first book is Snowman: the True Story of a Champion by Catherine Hapka and it is adapted from the book by Rutherford Montgomery. I am not normally… Read More »

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (PSE, ASL, and Kids versions)

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m going to show you 3 ways to sign Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The first way is PSE. The second way, is for kids. The third way is ASL. Let’s get started! ♪*music begins*♪ ♪Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are?♪ ♪Up above the world so high,♪ ♪Like a… Read More »

Safe & Welcoming Spaces | Susan & Paul’s Story | Summit Area YMCA

Paul has autism. And…something that I think…that I can only speak for myself as a special needs parent and I think sometimes it doesn’t get talked about a lot..it kind of does but there’s… there’s like shame that can kind of be involved in it. Where you feel like, are things measuring up? And you’re…you… Read More »

It’s Ben’s birthday! [The Return of Superman/2018.12.09]

(Antique exterior) Who could be inside this traditional building? (Someone is reciting) (the Thousand-Character Classic.) (Sky, ground) Did Ben just say that? Is he reciting them? (You can hear someone studying.) (The father has a frivolous laugh.) (Smiling) (He’s moving forward.) Gosh, he’s so cute. He really looks like a young master. Are you going… Read More »

Explore Saturn’s Rings | Astronomy for Kids

It’s a beautiful, clear night outside! And clear nights are a /great/ time to look up at the stars! And right now, we’re looking at a bright spot in the sky that LOOKS like a star. But it’s not a star at all. It’s a planet…the planet Saturn! Wow! I can tell it’s Saturn because… Read More »

Virgo Horoscope for Mom | Parents

Virgo mothers are the most organized and practical of the bunch. Your kids have structure and a super healthy lifestyle, because you’re the sign most likely to buy organic food and enforce the no playing video games until homework is done rule. And you better believe, they keep their rooms clean. That said, too much… Read More »

What’s a Meteor Shower? | Astronomy for Kids

Squeaks and I built this awesome observatory recently, and we love using it to look at the night sky! If you’ve ever looked up on a dark, clear night, you probably noticed that there are a lot of things to see. You can see the Moon, the stars, and even some planets! And if you’re… Read More »

Virgo Horoscope for Baby | Parents

Don’t feel bad if your Virgo kid is more organized than you. It’s just part of her resourceful and practical nature. From a young age, she’ll pay great attention to detail, so don’t be surprised if you find her saving her allowance. When it comes time to make decisions, she’ll cautiously weigh the pros and… Read More »

Get to Know Your Galaxy! | Astronomy for Kids

You and I have talked a lot about space, haven’t we? We’ve learned about stars! We found out all about comets and asteroids! And we can name all eight of the planets in our solar system! But, have you ever thought about what’s beyond our solar system? The Sun is just a star, after all.… Read More »