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A Meeting of Great Black Inventors – Astronomy Club

Welcome, inventors. My name is Elijah McCoy. In this room lies some of the brightest Black minds this country has to offer. Nerds. And that is George Washington Carver. What up, what up, what up? Anybody want a peanut? I know you want one. Okay. I have gathered us together with the hopes that our… Read More »

Dying of Thirst – Astronomy Club

What’s good? Nothing. Oh, so tell me, did it hurt? When they captured me? When they beat me? No, when you fell from heaven girl. Life is pain. I am sorry, but I am bleeding out, so I’m going to say this quickly. Can I get you a drink? Oh, yes, yes! I haven’t had… Read More »

John G. Miller

I have all these leadership roles in life and as sure as I’m standing on this big stage you know what I better be standing on the rock of personal accountability i’ma tell you right now if you’re training on customer service and team building and change and selling skills and you’re not building personal… Read More »

This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

Welcome back to another episode of “DANCE DANCE DANCE” since I’ve been making videos on Low-budget movies over the past couple of months I’ve been getting this movie suggested to me a lot it’s called “Standing Ovation” it came out in 2010 It looks like sort of a High School Musically type movie or like… Read More »

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Porta-Potty BJ

Gavin: Speaking of horrifying, I went downtown this weekend… Gus: Downtown’s already horrifying. Gavin: We’re out in this place, it’s one of those places where the bar itself is quite small… But the outdoor bit was massive, loads of people. And one of those porta-potties in the back. So, I spotted it and I was… Read More »

The Try Guys Try Instagram Editing Apps

– Ooh, whoa! No Keith, no! – Today the try guys are gonna finally look hot. – [Zach] Hey! (laughing) – Through editing apps that you can buy on your phone. (punchy upbeat music) – I edit all my photos. If you use the color editors on Instagram that’s editing your photos. We all do… Read More »

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin Co-Pilot

3Burnie: You haven’t seen that residential parking pass? Gavin: Why would I have seen that? Gus: I’ve seen it around several- *Gavin laughs* *Gavin laughs* Gus: -all over Austin. There’s many places. Burnie: Why would you pay attention any street sign ever? Burnie: Why would you ever do that, Gavin? Barbara: Yeah, you’re asking Gavin… Read More »

FBI: Facebook Investigations – Astronomy Club

All right. So who’s our target? Jen Black. Age 26. This civilian went on Facebook to check if she was single, but no relationship status. Back in my day, 2006, a relationship status actually meant something. Jen thinks we’re just coworkers, but I think she’s the one. Can you guys help? Of course. We about… Read More »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Apparently Drives a Tank (feat. Rob Schneider) – Lights Out with David Spade

Arnold Schwarzenegger drove a $70,000 tank to the grocery store yesterday. I think he’s showing off. He needs to be like me and drive a sensible Kia Optima. Believe me, I get looks. (imitating Schwarzenegger): Listen, when you’re hungry if you’re vegan… If you switch over from, like, beef to veganism and you’re hungry, you… Read More »