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Do We Have Free Will or Are We Predetermined?

The history of philosophy has been dominated by competing arguments around the ideas of Free Will and Determinism. Simply stated, the issue hangs on whether human beings should be thought of as fundamentally free to choose their actions and mould their lives – or whether they should be deemed as being at heart determined by… Read More »

OSHO: Oracles, Tarot and Other Divination Tools

Tamil New Year Webcast By Dr. Pillai – Sun In Aries

Some time ago, I announced that there’s going to be an event on April 14th which is the Tamil New Year. I announced it as a global event where my teachers would go around the world and teach life changing technologies, particularly Karma Removal technologies. And that’s still going to happen, but probably not on… Read More »

No Dark Matter = Proof of Dark Matter?

Thanks to curiosity stream for supporting PBS Digital Studios. We’ve been failing to detect dark matter for decades but finally the latest failure to detect Dark Matter may have actually proved its existence one of these is true either most of the matter in the universe is invisible and formed by something not explained by… Read More »

Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

Samadhi is an ancient Sanskrit word, for which there is no modern equivalent. There is a fundamental challenge with making a film about Samadhi. Samadhi points to something that can’t be conveyed on the level of mind. This film is simply the outer manifestation of my own inner journey. The intention is not to teach… Read More »

Build don’t break relationships with communication – connect the dots | Amy Scott | TEDxQueenstown

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Wow. Thanks. What if your natural communication style is crippling your relationships? What if the way that you naturally process information is doing more harm than good? What if every time you opened your mouth or just walked into a room, you caused damage? Your communication style… Read More »

Choosing To Be Here – Matt Kahn

as we begin tonight we’re just gonna take a breath and that’s it and just knowing that our only job is to just fully be here which we’ll weave in nicely to the teaching tonight’s teaching might be most appropriately called choosing to be here and the reason is is because what we find living… Read More »

Karma, Astrology & Free Will

Now I am going to link Karma and Astrology. Karma is what is going to happen on a daily basis, even on an hourly basis. You may think that you are scratching your brain and coming up with fantastic ideas to do these things. That [thinking] is out of ignorance. Then you may ask, “What… Read More »

DNA Astrology by Ram Kumar (DNA Astrologer)

Namaste, I am your DNA astrologer Ram Kumar at AstroVed. DNA Astrology Astrology is an ancient science, which is vast and has had valuable contributions from several saints, sages, and experts. Though there are various systems of astrology currently in practice, there still are a wide range of variations to be explored and brought to… Read More »

New Miracle School: Change Your Destiny With Star Astrology

A few weeks ago, the Bombay High Court, or Mumbai High Court as it is called now, ruled against a case. The case was against astrology being a pseudo-science. The High Court ruled that already the Supreme Court had upheld that astrology is a science and that judgement is binding on this High Court. The… Read More »