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Creation Astronomy Rebutted

AndromedasWake has a series called, “CrAP Debunked,” debunking creationist claims about astronomy. But that hasn’t stopped the creation of a new website and video, CreationAstronomy.com. They have two preview segments of their video, and it’s just what you’d expect from creationists. We’ll go through both of them. [Psarris] “Welcome to ‘What You Aren’t Being Told… Read More »

Understanding 5 Elements of creation and Vedic Astrology Part 3

(bright orchestral music) – In the last video, we discussed about the elements of creation, how the Satya has become this reality from ether, air, fire, water, and earth element, and how they’re created, what are the modes of action, and what are the generation and dissolution cycle of the elements of creation. In this… Read More »

Our Special Earth: Our “Solar Address” and the Goldilocks Habitable Zone | David Rives

Every star we see is a burning mass of plasma, similar to the sun. Even so, our Sun is not just any old star. It is a main sequence G2 Here on Earth, we’re about 93 million miles from the Sun. That might sound trivial, but it’s a very important distance. We are situated in… Read More »

The Calendar and Astronomy – David Rives

In ancient times, celestial bodies such as the Sun, Moon and stars were central figures of the Zodiac. They were considered to be gods and goddesses, and based on the Zodiac, the movements of the heavens have become a means of divination. Scripture informs us that they worshiped the created more than the Creator. In… Read More »

5 Quantum Phenomena Supporting God’s Existence

Hi folks, Dennis here with quantum creation where we talk about the overwhelming support science has the existence of God. Today we discuss God as light . In the Bible there are almost 100 passages that describe God and Christ as light. Many of these are descriptions as a metaphor God being light. However, a… Read More »

Astrology and the Secret Cult of Mithra – David Rives

The secret cult of Mithraism was a religious order that was practiced by many in the Roman world. The religion was spread across the Mediterranean by the Cilician pirates, and worship centers were incorporated into Roman cities. In 2007, I was able to photograph a remarkably preserved representation of the mystery god, in the Vatican… Read More »

Signs of the Times — The Bible and Astrology | David Rives

The practice of astrology involves using stars, planets, and constellations for signs. According to the Biblical record, the sun, moon and stars were to be for signs, seasons, days and years. So, does this make astrology Biblically acceptable? Actually, quite the contrary. One major difference between scriptural signs and the pagan practices of astrology is… Read More »

Is Astrology in the Bible? – David Rives

The Genesis account tells us that the lights in the heavens are to be for signs, not to be confused with the astrology condemned by the Bible, as pagan in nature. Did the constellations that are now presented as mythological objects originally have a purer, Biblical meaning? In the book of Job, God asks: “Canst… Read More »

Astronomy vs. Astrology | David Rives

When I give presentations on the beauty of God’s creation, and how the heavens declare the glory of God, there are often those who will mistakenly reference what I present as astrology. I quickly correct them, pointing out that the field of science being discussed is called ASTRONOMY. The two terms do sound remarkably similar… Read More »