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The Strange Drowning of Natalie Wood

(tense music) – This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we discuss the highly controversial drowning of Natalie Wood. Get your sunglasses ready because this one is packed full of bright stars. Wow, he had them ready. He didn’t even know I was gonna say that. – I had ’em good to go. I’m always ready, baby.… Read More »

The Coder Who Became A Criminal Mastermind – Paul Le Roux

This episode is brought to you by Dashlane; Try Dashlane Premium free for 30 days at www.dashlane.com/infographics and never forget another password and keep all your online accounts secure! In 2011 a British security contractor named Dave Smith was found dead. He’d been drinking in a bar, then while walking outside was kidnapped, thrown into… Read More »

The Terrifying Axeman of New Orleans

(eerie music) – [Ryan] This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we cover the Axeman Killer of New Orleans, one of the strangest serial killer cases I’ve ever read. – And you’ve read a lot. – Yeah, I read a lot in my time. – You’re a sicko. – I’m not a sicko, I’m interested in, you… Read More »

Why Prisoner Proven Innocent Can’t Be Released

Picture this, you are 22 years old, in the prime of your life, with a pregnant and devoted wife you haven’t been married to for very long. And then everything changes one night when a man is murdered in the street. You are accused of the murder, with the evidence being that it was your… Read More »

The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

(laughing) (yelling) – Alright, let’s fix the camera. So today we’re driving to the Stay on Main Hotel or as it was formally known, the Cecil Hotel, as part of an ongoing series where I tell this guy true crime stories and today, we have the privilege of actually going there because it’s in LA… Read More »

America’s Strangest Serial Killer – Ed Gein (The Butcher of Plainfield)

This video is brought to you by Honey. Save money when shopping online by visiting the link in the description and downloading the free browser extension. Once again, we are going to take a walk on the dark side of the human psyche. So far, we’ve covered perhaps the most well-known serial killer in Jack… Read More »

Viper Room – Q+A

The Horrifying Texarkana Phantom Killer

this week on BuzzFeed unsolved we take a look into the Texarkana phantom killer a case that has been referred to as quote the number one unsolved murder case in Texas history and quote number one baby yeah I love it I don’t think they have like a big board in the text police station… Read More »