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Two of Swords – Peace – tarot card divination

Two of Swords Peace. Now originally in the Golden Dawn this is called the Lord of Peace Restored. But this is the Twos as we know, where the elements originally manifest in their pure form. So you can’t restore something that is there in its pure form so it has to be Peace. And from… Read More »

The Ace of Swords – tarot card divination

The Ace of Swords, the Root of the Power of Air. Now as in the other Aces, Crowley does not give any divinatory meanings for this card be he does go into a lot into its structure. So lets see what’s going on here. So the first thing is the Ace of Swords is the… Read More »

Ten of Cups – Satiety – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The Ten of Cups, Satiety the end of the Cups and the last decanate of Pisces, a pretty happy card again. According to Crowley it reflects a conflicting element. On the one hand it receives the influence of ten Malkuth, the Virgin, the arrangement of the cups is that of the Tree of Life, on… Read More »