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Science and Astronomy | Science & U!

♪♪ [THEME MUSIC] ♪♪>>>CAROL ANNE RIDDELL: I’m Carol Anne Riddell and this is Science and U! coming to you from the space shuttle pavilion at the Intrepid Museum. Today we’re exploring outer space, the vast unknown beyond Earth. We begin with a lesson on the what, when and how of our universe from the Big… Read More »

Theater Talk: Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of The Flesh

>>Essentially, Williams made a Faustian bargain with himself. He starts to use drink first to loosen him up and get him going, but then his alcoholism becomes his subject. >>”Theater Talk” is made possible in part by…>>From New York City, this is “Theater Talk.” I’m Susan Haskins.>>And I’m Michael Riedel of The New York Post.… Read More »

Theater Talk: “The Crucible”

>>HASKINS: Coming up on…>>VAN HOVE: The theater is for me a world of imagination. We should tell the audience that buys tickets stories that are important for them, for us today, you know, and not like yesterday, not like, “Oh, somewhere in time, people were like that.” No, we are still like that.>>HASKINS: “Theater Talk”… Read More »

Theater Talk: “Junk” / “20th Century Blues”

>>HASKINS: Coming up on “Theater Talk”…>>GRODY: People that stop being curious age in a different way than people that put themselves in new and risky and challenging situations that ask of them other things. I hate the word “senior,” by the way. ♪♪>>MERKIN: We’re selling junk in Izzy Peterman’s company, Saratoga-McDaniels, for him to go… Read More »