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Does a Person’s Upbringing Tell You All You Need to Know? | Tell My Story


– And tell April what she’s won! (Announcer): April, you’ve just won a brand new 20 foot sailboat! – Congratulations, April! – I don’t want the sailboat, I live in a studio apartment! – Can I just get the money? – Nope. And you get to pay the extremely high taxes on the boat! –… Read More »

Would You Date a Single Parent or Divorcé? | Tell My Story

– So our goal, game starts, and I forgot I didn’t have shorts on, so. – But you had underwear? – No, nothing. – What!? (laughing) Oh, oh no. – It was a strong breeze. It was a strong breeze. (soothing music) My deal breakers are somebody who doesn’t know themselves. You know, how can… Read More »