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Nine of Cups – Happiness – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The 9 of Cups, happiness, which is Jupiter ruling the 2nd decanate of Pisces. Jupiter is happy, we are back on to the centre of Tree of Life and Yesod. We are out of the Hod and Netzach mess. we are on track again. Crowley says, this card is the patient culmination of the original… Read More »

Ten of Wands – Oppression – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

Oppression, the Ten of Wands, which is Saturn ruling the last decanate of Sagittarius. With both cards together we see difference from the darkness of Yesod to the lightness in Malkuth, and two wands on top. So what does Crowley say about the Ten of Wands. It refers to Malkuth which depends on upon the… Read More »

Seven of Cups – Debauch – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

Seven of Cups its grey and grim all to do with Netzach, Venus rules the last decanate of Scorpio, and netzach is also to do with Venus. There is a double Venus influence going on in this card. Crowley says, Here occurs the invariable weakness arising from lack of balance, also the card is governed… Read More »

SUPER TUTORIAL de Magia: “El Adivino” // “The diviner” (magic trick)

magic and curiosities tutorial “diviner” magic The effect: Hello ! Good morning, Pilar let’s do an experiment with playing cards It is an experiment mentalism You know I like these experiments I have here something written and framed and here I have a nice deck of poker It is black, but the cards are classic… Read More »

The Eight of Wands – Swiftness – tarot minor arcana divination meanings and description

The Eight of Wands, Swiftness we have now moved from Leo into the 3rd fiery sign which is Sagittarius, and you can see at the top we have the symbols of Mercury and Sagittarius. Mercury is communication, self-expression. Sagittarius is to go out there, so this energy of swiftness. Have you noticed the wands on… Read More »

Tarot divination_未來一個月會有什麼不預期狀況發生?What will happen in the next month?(English&日文… subtitles)

Hello everyone, today? We have to test this together, one day you are on the road. Then suddenly you got a bow on the road. Which intuition is your bow from left to right? There are five 12345 Now choose a bow with your instincts Have you chosen? If you have thought of something What’s… Read More »

Two of Wands – Dominion – tarot minor arcana divination meaning

Two of Wands Dominion is the first decanate of Aries, and it is ruled by Mars, so Mars rules Aries. It is a very powerful energy, it is the first ten days of Spring, from the 21st of March to the 1st of April. Crowley says, this pertains to Chokmah in the suit of fire… Read More »

The Three of Wands – Virtue – tarot minor arcana divination meanings and description

Three of Wands, Virtue. This is going to be a short video because Crowley does not say a lot about this card. It might be quite surprising. At the top of the card you can see the symbol of the Sun, so the Sun rules the 2nd decanate of Aries. and the name is Virtue.… Read More »