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जानिये मेष राशि का स्वभाव,स्वास्थय,कैरियर,शुभ नबंर !! Aries personality traits !! astrology/jyotish

Hello friends welcome to our channel Today we will talk about Aries zodiac as per moon sign. how are the people of sign Aries like? their nature, their career, their health, lucky number and lucky stone. about these things today I will tell you in this video. Aries people are neither smaller nor more then… Read More »

वृषभ राशि के बारे मे जाने। zodiac signs taurus !! Horoscope signs Taurus !! Rashi bhavishya

Hello friends welcome on our YouTube channel Friends today we will talk about taurus zodiac sign how taurus people like? their nature, their health, career, lucky number and lucky stone about these things today We will tell you in this video The taurus people are medium stature appearing Nigrescence little bit Healthy or simply saying… Read More »

मेष लग्न वाले लोगो के लिए राजयोग ग्रह ! Janam kundali : Aries sign ! Jyotish shastra

Hello friends I’m your friend alok Friends Our horoscope is the mirror of our life Every human being can know about his future by looking at his horoscope Like how would that person be in future? Whether that person will earn money or not When will that person get married? Such person will do business… Read More »

palmistry reading हस्तरेखा मे राजयोग !! Reading palms !! Palmistry in hindi

Hello friends welcome to our channel Nobody knows where the fate of life will take them tomorrow But by looking at the lines of our hands, we can easily find out what will happen in future in our life That means , will money enter in our destiny in furue or not In our destiny,… Read More »

हस्तरेखा उगंलियों मे बने चक्र का रहस्य ! Palm reading for fingers ! Hastrekha gyan in hindi

Hello friends This is your friend alok Today we will talk about the whorls present on our fingers Today, I will tell you what effect these whorls give on our lives The sign of the whorls can be on any finger of our both hands Even these whorls can be printed on our thumbs of… Read More »

हस्तरेखा मे बड़े क्रास का बड़ा सच ! Reading palms ! Palm reading ! Hastrekha gyan in hindi

Hello friends I’m your friend alok Today I will tell you a real truth about a very large cross appearing in hand You can also easily find out if you will become rich or not And if you become rich then how much will be First let me tell you how this cross appear in… Read More »

hastrekha आप दिल से सोचते है या दिमाग से !! Reading palms !! Hand astrology !! Hastrekha in hindi

Hello friends, welcome to our channel Today we will talk about the brain line of your hand i.e. Headline From the head line we can easily find out whether we think from the heart or from our brain That means, Is our heart dominates our mind or our mind is on our heart friends, The… Read More »

कुडंली पढ़ना सीखे #6 ग्रहो की दृष्टि learn astrology ! Jyotish shastra ! Kundali

Hello friends, Welcome to the learning series how to read the horoscope In the previous video, I told you about exalted and debilitated zodiac signs of planets In today’s video I will tell you about the vision of the planets. I.e. Any planet in the horoscope is sitting in any of 12 houses, I will… Read More »

#rashi bhavishya !! Lucky colour according to your zodiac signs # jyotishshastra for 12 zodiac signs

Hello friends welcome to our channel Many times we like a colour very much and that color becomes our favorite colour But sometimes our colour does not match with our zodiac sign. Because of which we have to face difficulties. So it is important to know which color is best for your zodiac sign. So… Read More »

palm reading life line in hindi !! HastRekha gyan in Hindi !! Palm reading chart !! Reading palms

Hello friends welcome to our channel Friends, Money is the need by every human being and every person do lots of hard-work to earn money. But sometimes his luck does not accompany him As long as the fate of the human beings does not accompany him, till then he will never get any success, no… Read More »