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Kingdom Of Fools Part 1: The Great Diviner

George H. W. Bush’s Former Service Dog Sully to Be Honored with His Own Statue in Texas

 It’s been a busy year for Sully.  George H. W. Bush’s former service dog became a household name last year after a photo of the Labrador guarding the late president’s coffin appeared on the canine’s Instagram account on Dec 2.  The heartbreaking shot of Sully mourning his owner, who died on Nov. 30, 2018 at… Read More »

Top 10 Things That Keep Me Awake at Night

Hey, if you’re watching this and it’s late at night, and you have school tomorrow, I’m sorry. Top 10 things that keep me awake at night Number 10: Eating all those sugary snacks before my bedtime. My bloodsugar goes through the roof. Sorry, I just can’t help myself I love a good cookie dipped in… Read More »

Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member

Alvin: So when you get your dog, and you’re like 11 years old… they never tell you what to expect down the road. The only thing that they tell you is… “You have to clean after your dog.” This is Alvin and his dog Rainbow. They spent 18 years together since Alvin was just 11,… Read More »