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💔 My Chemical Romance – I Don’t Love You | LIVE | Cover by Aries [subtítulos]

Well, when you go Don’t ever think I’ll make you try to stay And maybe when you get back I’ll be off to find another way And after all this time that you still owe You’re still the good-for-nothing I don’t know So take your gloves and get out Better get out While you can… Read More »

4.21 “Dealing with Consequences, Part II” | Out With Dad

This series is funded by fans like you. So is it what you and Alex have? Is that true love? I don’t know if it’s true love but… it will be one day. I have to believe that. How can you know that true love is real if you’ve never experienced it? Because I’ve seen… Read More »

Aries in love, at work and with others | Astrology Advice

Do you want me to do it now? Are you ready? Aries. Aries. I don’t know why but it sounds so scary. Right? Aries. Aries. Are you a fire sign? Whoa! Bold! Passionate! A little bit bossy though…a lil…like just a tad. Are you getting turned on? Because I am. Your ruling planet is Mars.… Read More »


(aries) We need to do a zodiac video now! (cancer) Don’t yell at me! (aquarius) what if we started with an angry aries? (scorpio) yas I loooove it! (aquarius) no, I wouldn’t say I “love” it, that’s too much commitment (Virgo) good thing I made to-do lists for us! (Gemini) Yeah, I agree. (Capricorn) Yeah… Read More »

Zahara – Con las ganas | Cover by Aries [subtitles]

I remember on arriving that you didn’t even look at me I was only one more of hundreds Nevertheless, they were yours, the first ticketholders Why didn’t I realize that there are forbidden elevators, that there are shared sins, and that you were so close I disguise myself as you. You disguise yourself as me.… Read More »

Mandated Reporter Dealing with Disclosure

(Music begins) (Don’t forget the reason mandated reporter training is important…) (How should YOU react during a disclosure [of child abuse and neglect]?) Talk to me so I can understand you. Remember I am a kid and I don’t always understand grownup words. Never promise me you will keep what I tell you a secret.… Read More »

Guns N’ Roses – Don’t Cry | LIVE | Cover by Aries #MarzoRegrabando

Hi guys. I hope you are having a good day. Today I am going to record again a great song from Guns and Roses thats call “Don’t you Cry” You all ask for it via Twitter so thank you so much for voting on my poll and, nothing more. I hope to improve the cover… Read More »

How Your Zodiac Sign Would Handle The Zombie Apocalypse [GEN WHY]

-Everybody relax!!! Relax! Every couple of years NASA comes out with this piece of barbage info that there’s a new sign. There is not! You’re still Scorpio. You’re still a Gemini. I don’t give a shit. It’s not the end of the world guys! It’s just not… Shit!!!! Am I going to survive the apocalypse?… Read More »

DATING A CAPRICORN | Benito Skinner (2019)

What’s the Wi-Fi this is so great. We’re having a date night. How’s work? Do you think you’ll get a promotion this year? Do you have a plan in place? You’re gonna ask for more money, right don’t you want to move up don’t get complacent So, I mean what are your career goals then… Read More »