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Gemini Horoscope October 2017 Druids Ogham tree lore Bruce Clifton

Oh Gemini ah hello welcome to the spiritual center this is your cross clip for October so we’re working in passive Libre the house of Libra is the is represented by the scales of justice so if there’s any disputes going on this month if you’ve got any arguments lasting this is the month where… Read More »

Cancer Horoscope October 2017 Ogham Tree Lore Druids Bruce Clifton

cancer hello welcome to the spiritual center and the powerful deck of the welcome tree or this is horoscope for cancer in October in the house of Libra so the first energy reveals itself is the spindle the spindle is all about completion it’s all about completing the tasks that have been started it’s all… Read More »

BatShitCrazy Zone – VR: Trick or Truth

hello my friends so I came across video any of his car creek where truth so I hope knowing where does it really come from it comes from Catholicism but when you know let you dig this hole a little deeper wider we really celebrate it because it’s fun where you goin what this these… Read More »