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Roman augury

PROFESSOR: Senior political officials of the Roman state had to take auspices before any major political event like elections and before a battle. They would draw on the expertise of an augur from the College of Augurs. Membership of the College of Augurs was for life, with new members elected periodically. Two of the main… Read More »

Turkish coffee cup reading

[TRADITIONAL MUSIC PLAYING] STUDENT: First I should add water. Measure [INAUDIBLE] cup. [SPEAKING IN TURKISH] [MUSIC] CENGIZ CEMALOGLU: I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. My parents are from a small tribe in Azerbaijan called Juhuri, and they immigrated when I was four from Azerbaijan to Turkey. So for the biggest chunk of my life I… Read More »

Egyptian divination statues

PETER MANUELIAN: So how did the Gods appear? How did they provide these predictions and these oracles? Well for the average Egyptian, they would have to wait until the statue of the God was brought out of the temple. So inside the sanctuary at Karnak and many other places, there was a statue of the… Read More »

What does an astrologer do?

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALYSSA GOODMAN: A lot of times when we’re talking about this PredictionX effort in many different venues, people say, oh, you must be doing a lot about astrology, because they know I’m an astronomer. And I say no, actually I know nothing about astrology. But given how many people are very, very interested… Read More »