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General Hospital Star Susan Brown Dead at 86: ‘She Was So Very Special,’ Says Costar – News Today

 Susan Brown, the actress known for her role as Dr. Gail Baldwin on General Hospital, died on Friday at the age of 86  “It’s a very sad day in Port Charles as the wonderful Susan Brown (“Gail Baldwin”) passed away today,” General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini tweeted “My sincerest condolences to her family and to… Read More »

The Coder Who Became A Criminal Mastermind – Paul Le Roux

This episode is brought to you by Dashlane; Try Dashlane Premium free for 30 days at www.dashlane.com/infographics and never forget another password and keep all your online accounts secure! In 2011 a British security contractor named Dave Smith was found dead. He’d been drinking in a bar, then while walking outside was kidnapped, thrown into… Read More »

Youth Neglected on Election Day

after a strong showing two thousand eight young people didn’t show up in the same large numbers in two thousand spent you get out in california proposition nineteen a measure to legalize pot was on the ballot respondents thought would bring out young people they didn’t turn out at the polls is expected and because… Read More »

Lola Flora asks Alyana to run for election | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

You know what, Alyana? You’re right. We should continue the fight. How? Grandma Flora has just been disqualified. There’s someone else who is qualified to run. Really? Who? You! Who else? It’s not yet too late. The filing for certificate of candidacy is still open. You can still file yours! She’s right, Alyana. You have… Read More »

‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Talks Billy’s “Emotional” Journey in Season 3 | In Studio

– Hi, I’m Dacre Montgomery, and you’re watching In Studio with The Hollywood Reporter. – We were talking a little, a few minutes ago about you being a fan of the show, of season one, and then you got cast for season two as Billy. You sent in an audition tape. Can you sort of… Read More »

Ulysses, nagsimula na isabak sa laban si Aris | Sandugo (With Eng Subs)

Boss, I’m giving up. Do you want to lose? I placed a huge bet on you! But he’s bigger than me. You can knock him down even if he’s bigger than you. You can do anything here. Hit him in the back, then kick his private part. It will surely knock him down. You can… Read More »

ఈ రాశులవారు ఆవిషయంలో వీక్ గా ఉంటారంటా| Interesting Facts About These Zodiac Signs | Horoscope 2018

Interesting Facts About These Zodiac Signs


Hi this is the weekly horoscope for cancer for the week of January 30 2017 Hello my Fabulous Crabs if you like reading with me check out my store right there also we can visit Astrojarr.com in the link in the description box below show your love make sure you like subscribe and share and… Read More »

Astrology Has Infiltrated Work Culture | Fast Company

(upbeat music) – [Zander] Astrology is having a moment. Memes abound, Instagram let’s you pick a zodiac filter, and dating apps like Bumble let you sort according to someone’s sign. Astrology is even starting to make its way into work culture. – [Interviewer] Do you partake in Astrology? – Somewhat, yeah. – No. – I… Read More »

Love Life Based On Zodiac Signs | Interesting Facts About Zodiac Signs | Love Horoscope

Love Life Based On Zodiac Signs Interesting Facts About Zodiac Signs Love Horoscope