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117 Days Calendar (English Subtitles) CC

We will demonstrate how to make a 117-day calendar, with 13 weeks of nine days (Novenas) and 9 months of 13 days (Trecenas). First we make a table with 13 rows and 9 columns. We number it 1 to 13 until complete this table. Then separate the first column and transfer to a circle divided… Read More »


hey Aquarius what’s up this is your reading for the Full Moon in Virgo so this is for Aquarius Sun Moon and RIsing signs check your Jupiter your Venus whatever other planets call this is a general reading so as always take what resonates and leave the rest so welcome back all of my subscribers… Read More »

Virgo July to August ?15th New Look ✨New Direction in LOVE? Focus ON WISHES!

Time Lapse Drawing | ? Tarot | ? Drawlloween | Fortune Telling & Divination | Tarot Introduction

Greetings, I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week, welcome back to MyfanwyNia’s studio here in Leitrim’s Iron mountains my name is Harriet and today I will be sharing another short drawlloween time-lapse in my sketchbook. I’m working from the prompt list for Mab’s Drawlloween Club, today’s video footage is from day eleven, TAROT.… Read More »

5 Out of Body Experience Symptoms You May Not Know

For many people who are not familiar with out of body experience symptoms, these signs can be very scary. For the beginner who has not experienced it, fear can get in the way of experiencing this amazing ability. That’s why it is good to know some signs or symptoms that often turn up. Here are… Read More »

Aries ♈ May 2019 ? Tarot Reading ?Truth Comes Out!

There is it’s Amanda and I’m here to do your may tear reading for Ares What’s going on for Ares here for me 2019 what? Does areas Sun Moon are rides I need to hear them off to get through the energies with the may in the best way for all Okay, so we have… Read More »

Qabbalistic Astrology: An Introduction – Astrology course [Qabbalah]

Brotherhood of the Eternal Light Teaching the Western Mysteries! Introduction to Qabbalistic astrology. Welcome to our short introduction to Qabbalistic astrology! At first, we briefly explain the terms astrology and Qabbalah. Then we examine their interconnectedness and look at some of the advantages of being familiar with both Qabbalah and astrology. There is much more… Read More »