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No ‘Spouse Star’ in your chart?

Miriam says I was told if you don’t have direct officer in your, relationship ever. This – oh I should thanks for that reminder, Miriam. I have mentioned this before but I will mention this again – your heaven luck, your astrology – is not set in stone, okay? Not set in stone. So many… Read More »

It’s all about Balancing the Energy | Vastu Evaluation Really Important in life?


Feng Shui Money Corner – find all THREE of them!

Hi. Welcome to fengshuiandprosper.com. It’s Safrina here and today I wanna talk about your money corner. Now I get a lot of questions on this from my website as well as from my clients I’ll from my website as well as my clients whenever I do my feng shui audit with them they want to… Read More »

Feng Shui 2019 Year Of The Pig

if you want to be absolutely sure that your function fixmas are correct so you can finally get results in your health your wealth your relationships that what I’m about to tell you is exactly what you’re looking for I will let you in on how you can finally stop feeling stuck in your feng… Read More »

Pig / Boar 2019 Astrology Forecast

This year, being the year of the pig who’s a pig here? So just a small piece of the puzzle exactly, okay? So for the pigs, you’re looking at a possible advancement around career, finances maybe even business. You have what’s called the 8 seed energy and that usually also means good acknowledgment that you… Read More »

A Love Expert Updated Our Tinder Profiles

– I’ve been told that I look very eager in the profile. – I’m looking at a crotch shot. – I know. I’m sorry. – That’s not the kind of picture. – Swipe left. – Swipe left. (edgy music) – My name is Kelly and I’m here to get my Tinder profile updated. – I’ve… Read More »