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Explained | A new series from Netflix + Vox

K-pop’s worldwide takeover. Designer babies. Designer babies. The racial wealth gap has grown so large, it would take something truly radical to close it. 1 in 5 Americans have been in a non-monogamous relationship at some point. What will happen 20, 30, 40 years from now? That’s going to be really interesting to watch.

Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT astrology

You may have heard that Mercury is retrograde again. But if you try to find out what that means, search results are dominated by astrologers who believe Mercury can make you spill coffee on your favorite shirt or cause your car to break down. But if you set aside all those creative interpretations, there’s actually… Read More »

Horoscopes, Astrology & My Zodiac Sign | Hannah Witton

– Okay. (moans) Hey, everyone. Welcome back to my channel. I’m Hannah and today I’m with Dan, who is gonna tell me all about my zodiac. (upbeat music) – Astrology bullshit. – Full disclaimer: I think, no, I know that it’s all bullshit. But, I also want Dan to tell me everything. So now, we’re… Read More »

Why Astrology Isn’t Real Science

“Hey baby what’s your sign?” SCIENCE. GET OUT OF MY VIDEO TRACE. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Astrology is based on the premise that celestial bodies (like the sun, the moon, planets, and constellations) have an effect on what happens on earth, who you are as a person, and how people behave —… Read More »

Why people get so excited about a total solar eclipse

A solar eclipse happens when the moon’s shadow falls somewhere on the surface of Earth And a lunar eclipse is the opposite — when the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon The two sections of the shadow, the dark umbra and the partially shaded penumbra, their placement determines which type of eclipse we can see… Read More »