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There Are Mysterious Objects at the Edge of Sagittarius A*, Here’s What We Know

At the center of our galaxy is a black hole with the mass of 4 million suns called Sagittarius A*. Around it is a complicated structure of dust and gas, and after 12 years of peering into it, astronomers have discovered several objects they weren’t expecting to find. Objects that have some unusual characteristics. They’re… Read More »

TWL #5: Timekeeping on Mars

So, there’s this fantastic Wikipedia list descriptively titled: Wikipedia:Unusual Articles. I just remember it as, That Wikipedia List It’s a collection of hundreds of articles about unusual, unexpected, and unbelievable subjects. No matter what link you click, it’s bound to be interesting. For that reason, every week, I’m going to click on a new link,… Read More »

An Astrologer Reads Ariana Grande’s & Pete Davidson’s Star Charts

– Hi, cosmic warriors. It’s me, Aliza, I’m an astrologer. And today we are going to be looking at the charts of Ariana Grande and her boo, Pete Davidson. These charts are very very interesting. And I’m so excited to tell you guys what I see. (otherworldly music) A natal chart is a snapshot of… Read More »

Why losing a dog feels like losing a family member

Alvin: So when you get your dog, and you’re like 11 years old… they never tell you what to expect down the road. The only thing that they tell you is… “You have to clean after your dog.” This is Alvin and his dog Rainbow. They spent 18 years together since Alvin was just 11,… Read More »