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Texting a REAL Psychic about my Boyfriend!! It was so scary! (Mystery Gaming)

(laughing) – How does she know this? Oh my gosh! Hey guys, it’s Gabriella. Welcome back to another Mystery Gaming where a game gets picked out for me to play, and I have no idea how to play it. Today’s game is The Zodiac Touch. Psychics? No, I don’t like psychics! No! No, what is… Read More »

The Net Gun | Overtime 4 | Dude Perfect

Welcome to overtime episode 4 it is great to have you guys with us today. We have a great show planned To segment, you know two segments you don’t You’re twins purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twins purple *intro* Coach tell them the first one. Let’s start off a little cool… Read More »

Psychics Read Kid’s Fortunes | Palm Reading! | HiHo Kids

[Bang] – Which one hurts the most? [Laughing] This is how we do it. – Oh this one? – Which one tickles the most? – I would say this one right here. – It says you’ll have fun today. – I will have fun today? Can you tell me anything about my love life? [Laughing]… Read More »