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TELL ME ABOUT MY FATE LINE – You Won’t Believe this Twist: Q&A #14

Hi Kat. Curiouse as to what you can tell me about my fate line? Much appreciated 🙂 Kat Anders: Ok. Your Fateline starts out (red arrows) indicating that you were a private person earlier in your life, but, that you became more of a sociable individual. It stays pretty consistent up until your mid 40’s,… Read More »

हस्तरेखा मे बड़े क्रास का बड़ा सच ! Reading palms ! Palm reading ! Hastrekha gyan in hindi

Hello friends I’m your friend alok Today I will tell you a real truth about a very large cross appearing in hand You can also easily find out if you will become rich or not And if you become rich then how much will be First let me tell you how this cross appear in… Read More »

Learn Palmistry – How This Course Can Be Used Practically (2/12)

This course will enable you to apply palmistry in your day-to-day life, I shall illustrate this by using a few examples. For instance, while talking to someone, while trying to communicate something to them, when we are not sure of the response we will get… There is a chapter in the course – “The colour… Read More »

Minor Lines In Palmistry

Welcome to another video on basics of palmistry.I have already covered major lines and mounts found on the hand in my previous videos.Links are given in the video description or you can find at the end of the video.Let’s move on to discuss about the minor lines found on the person’s hand.It is true that… Read More »

Welcome to Date With Destiny

Hello, I am Dr. Sagar Patwardhan. Since the last 15 years, I have been a Palmist and an Astrologer. I welcome you to my channel, DATE WITH DESTINY. Here, I will share with you my experience in these two sciences. For those who are aspiring to learn Palmistry and Astrology, this will be a very… Read More »

What Your Hands Say About Your Personality & IQ

what your hands say about your personality and IQ ever wonder what your hands say about your personality if someone approached you and said I can tell your future by just reading your palm what would you do would you be intrigued or would you simply just laugh and walk away palmistry and kira Mansi… Read More »

खुद देखिए,आपका भाग्य कितना आपके साथ है # hastRekha gyan in Hindi # fate line

Hello friends Welcome to our channel Today we are going to talk about the fate line present in our hand Every human being brings it’s fate alongwith at the time of the birth. But it depends on the fate line in your hand that how much your fate will support you or not. Below our… Read More »