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August Wrap Up | 2019

This is a reminder to me to speak louder because I know my audio isn’t very good in my videos and I’m sorry so let me know if this is better and yeah I will put subtitles on because I’m just lazy so I haven’t bothered but I will do that too because I know… Read More »


93% 86% 70% 80% 93% 88% 95% In the past few years Only 93% of popular films Were directed by men And only 80% were written by them Were written by them Were written by them Women get to be naked in movies twice as often as men do twice Sadly, only 70% of of… Read More »

Bro Code with Girls | The Screen Patti

“You know all the steps of ‘Saat Samundar.. -That’s awesome, dude!” Okay so.. see you tomorrow.. I should leave now. Hey wait! Are you mad or what? Will you go alone so late at night? Have you seen the time? Hold on a second. Hey Honey! Listen! This is Sonali. Please drop her till Andheri?… Read More »