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Charles Esten star of Nashville talks about Sign The Show with Cat Brewer

I want to know what your thoughts are on providing access to your Deaf fans at concerts by having a sign language interpreter? Oh my goodness well I don’t know anything about that – I have not, I mean I know that there are some big ones that do. That’s why I need to interview… Read More »

Pinoy Jokes Season 3: Zodiac

So it’s been awhile since since Jowlen’s mother died? yeah, it’s actually her idea for me to go on a date. maybe she wants to have a mom her mom died giving birth, so she grew up not knowing her. awww, that’s sad. forgive me for being uncomfortable, its been awhile since I went out… Read More »

BTS: Watch The Hit K-Pop Group Teach Popular Korean Slang Words | Entertainment Weekly

Hi , we are BTS And we’re about to teach you a korean slang Inssa ! so its inssa , its like a short term of insider but its not technically the meaning of insider It means that like a popular one who has a lot of friends so so his is in inssa inssa… Read More »

Zodiac (2007) – Movies with Mikey

Oh my god. This is really happening. I just need a moment to soak this in. Oof. Okay. Zodiac is a 2007 film from David Fincher, adapted by James Vanderbilt, based on the book by Robert Graysmith. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, but I’m going to give the lion’s share of this… Read More »

How to Make a Star Wars Led Acrylic Edge Light Sign

Hi guys in this video I’m going to show you how to make this fantastic led Star Wars sign The materials that I’ve used are: An A4 sheet of clear acrylic. This is 3mm thick which is about one eighth of an inch. An A4 sheet of gloss black acrylic, again 3mm thick. A yellow… Read More »

Zodiac: The Unofficial Reading List

Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories (1958) The Code Breakers (1967) Codes and Ciphers: Secret Writing Through the Ages (1964) Secret Writing: The Craft of the Cryptographer (1970) The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) film Dick Tracy Lunchbox, 1967 The Most Dangerous Game (1932) film Hair, original musical poster They Laughed When I Sat Down:… Read More »

Safe & Welcoming Spaces | Susan & Paul’s Story | Summit Area YMCA

Paul has autism. And…something that I think…that I can only speak for myself as a special needs parent and I think sometimes it doesn’t get talked about a lot..it kind of does but there’s… there’s like shame that can kind of be involved in it. Where you feel like, are things measuring up? And you’re…you… Read More »

Gamma Ray Bursts – Science Space Astronomy

Sometimes when stars perish or when neutron stars collide, and form a black hole, they release an enormous amount of energy in the process. They unleash the most powerful force in the universe — a radioactive light brighter than a million, trillion suns. Scientists tried to pinpoint where on our planet the blasts were coming… Read More »

Homoscope – Épisode #1

TODAY’S HOMOSCOPE: Today, Mars aligns with Saturn to screw you over nicely. #Life_is_a_bitchThe nice dress and the henna mean that I’m going to get married.I’m lucky, right?Well, in a way, it’s what I wanted. What are you doing my daughter? Making yourself pretty for your fiancé? I’m coming! – Hang in there my friend! –… Read More »

Our Big Bear Family

JIM KOWALCZIK: We’re one big bear family! JIM KOWALCZIK: Our bear family is like every other family and stuff, you love them to death, but there’s other times they drive you nuts, right? COMM: Jim and Susan run a centre for orphaned wildlife in Otisville, New York. SUSAN KOWALCZIK: I’m there every day, but he… Read More »