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Six of Cups – Pleasure – tarot minor arcana divination meanings

The six of Cups Pleasure is the Sun ruling the second decanate of Scorpio. Its a happy card from all the cards we had before, the 4 of Cups, back into the central Pillar where there is balance and enjoyment. We are at number 6 where tipareth, the Sun the ruler of the 6 of… Read More »

The Ace of Swords – tarot card divination

The Ace of Swords, the Root of the Power of Air. Now as in the other Aces, Crowley does not give any divinatory meanings for this card be he does go into a lot into its structure. So lets see what’s going on here. So the first thing is the Ace of Swords is the… Read More »

0 The Fool Tarot card divination meanings

No Naught! All ways are lawful to innocence. Pure folly is the key to initiation. Silence breaks into rapture. Be neither man nor woamn, bui both as one. Be as a silent babe in the egg of blue. That you may Aspire to the lance and the grail. Wander alone and Sing! In the King’s… Read More »