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VOYANCE : Donald Trump, personnalité et avenir

bonjour les amis c’est yannick alors aujourd’hui on est le 6 juin 2019 c’est la date de la commémoration du débarquement en normandie et donald trump est présent en france justement ça tombe bien puisque j’ai décidé de faire un tirage le concernant aujourd’hui pour un petit peu croquer sa personnalité donc dans ce tirage… Read More »

Texting a REAL Psychic about my Boyfriend!! It was so scary! (Mystery Gaming)

(laughing) – How does she know this? Oh my gosh! Hey guys, it’s Gabriella. Welcome back to another Mystery Gaming where a game gets picked out for me to play, and I have no idea how to play it. Today’s game is The Zodiac Touch. Psychics? No, I don’t like psychics! No! No, what is… Read More »

Super personal insights about me ~ Reading my own palm

I’m scared of traumas, please don’t, I don’t want traumas. Hello everyone, welcome to a new video here on my channel. Long story short, I’m going to do a mystical video. I’m going to try reading and understanding the marks on my palm. So the thing is, a lot of youtubers I follow went to… Read More »

The Tarot and How To Use Tarot Cards – Teal Swan-

Hello there, chances are a few have even dipped your pinky toe in a spirituality you have heard of Tarot Now traditionally let’s say since the 1400s or so Tarot was in fact a card game It was played with a deck of 78 cards each of them had symbols on them and according to… Read More »

PSYCHIC DEBUNKED – Astrology & Tarot Cards

Hi, all the signs of the zodiac! I’m Pam. Hi Pam, I’m the Duck of Truth and I’m gonna tell the world why you, and your entire profession is a fraud. But you’re not exactly making it difficult for me. Because I’ve only watched two minutes of your videos so far and you’ve already tried… Read More »