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【October Tarot Reading】 ALL Horoscope Signs ♥! (Sub Español)

Mr Wong’s Hokkien Word of the Day Ep 9: Rooster Zodiac 2017

Halo Sudah 2 tahun sejak saya melihat kalian Mr Wong kembali Hari ini saya akan meramal semua Zodiak China (Shio) Tahun ini saya akan berfokus pada Karir Harta dan analisis tentang percintaan Silahkan lihat Shio kamu Untuk kalian yang lahir pada tahun Tikus Akan ada keberuntungan dalam hal cinta Apabila kamu kaya Jangan pinjamkan uang… Read More »


hello cancer this is julie with into heart space looking at the energy of november for you if you’d like a personal reading facebook email me or go to my website it is so interesting as soon as i sat down they started doing work outside it’s been quiet all morning so peaceful in the… Read More »

Astro Discussions – Understanding Sun In Your Horoscopes (With Eng Subtitles)

OM (Music) People have praised you so much Panditji’s telephone no 8948765000 I have one belief that we have to enter the base of Jyotish’s When a native comes to an astrologer firstly he wants to know how he can change is fate main intention of the Vedic Rishi was astrologer should worship the 9… Read More »

Astro AAdhar || BLESSING OF FLOWER || astrology || astro aadhar || SUBTITLES

if you cannot afford costly gems and stones, no need to worry . In the world of palnts and flowers there are many remedies which can done to get auspicious results. let’s talk about an amazing creeper Aprajita ,commonly known an Butterfly pea. There are two kinds of Aprajita. blue vine is known as krishna… Read More »

Super personal insights about me ~ Reading my own palm

I’m scared of traumas, please don’t, I don’t want traumas. Hello everyone, welcome to a new video here on my channel. Long story short, I’m going to do a mystical video. I’m going to try reading and understanding the marks on my palm. So the thing is, a lot of youtubers I follow went to… Read More »

Learn HOW to read palms : an 8 days easy course – DAY TWO

Welcome to the second day of your 8 days easy course in palmreading ! Today, let’s see what the thumb is saying about you… (music) Hi everyone my name is Julien, I’m the Esoterist and I’m french and that’s why I have this terrible accent… I know… So yesterday we’ve learnt about the position of… Read More »

Ask Kevin: Transits to the Part of Fortune

Rhonda, thanks for your question! The Greek Lots or Arabic Parts are sensitive points in the chart. They’re usually calculated using the relationships between three points in the chart. The Part of Fortune, which is certainly the best known of the Arabic Parts, is calculated using the distances between the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. The… Read More »

Learn HOW to read palms : an 8 days easy course – DAY FIVE

Welcome to day 5 of your 8 days easy course in palm reading ! So, so far we’ve learnt what does the position of the hand mean, what your thumb is saying about you, and what the mount of venus has to say… Well, at least if you started with the beginning of this course,… Read More »