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Free astrology remedy-Effects of Mars(remedies) मंगल के दुष्प्रभाव व उपाय ?PART-2

Om Jai Shree Radhey Radhey, Om Namah Shivay (Greetings) Last time, we discussed how Mars brings bad effect on the the life of your husband or wife (life partner) but today we will talk about how Mars affect one’s personal life the effect can be on your self the effect of Mars can be on… Read More »

Free astrology remedies – Directionlessness in education destroys life | शिक्षा में दिशाहीनता ?

Radhey Radhey (Greetings) Today, we will talk about Directionlessness Directionlessness is a small word, but… but if it enters in your life, then it can destroy your life If we talk about education or about employment/job, or if you talk about health directionlessness can destroy your whole life but today we will talk about directionlessness… Read More »

Free astrology remedies & secrets for blessed life (जीवन को सुखमय बनाने के रहस्य )

Radhey radhey (Greetings) Indian Astrology, Indian Yoga & Indian Ayurveda they have always taught us Art of Living – the way of living life And India had been, is, & will be the Universal Teacher (Guru) in the field of Astrology, Yoga & Ayurveda But today, we will talk here about Astrology Astrology is the… Read More »