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How do we study the stars? – Yuan-Sen Ting

The city sky is, frankly, rather boring. If you look up at the patches of murk between buildings, you might be able to pick out The Big Dipper, or perhaps, Orion’s Belt. But hold on. Look at that murky patch again and hold our your thumb. How many stars do you think are behind it?… Read More »

Meet the Galaxies (and More…) – Part 1 – A Song About Astronomy

Swirling through Space are clusters of billions of stars Bound by gravity, some are close and some are far Collections of stars, gas and dust, Each grouping is unique These groups are known as galaxies Let’s see who we can meet They are Galaxies Traveling at great velocity Held together by gravity Cosmic Mysteries They… Read More »

VAITARNA STARGAZING and CAMPING | Mumbai Travellers | Astronomy – Milky Way Galaxy

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Astronomy on Tap in Pasadena

The life of the Universe starts with a Big Bang And this happened about 13.7 Billion years ago and we don’t really know why this happened or how this happenend But everything we know is that before the Big Bang nothing exists. No mosquitos, no trumpets, also no dogs and no cats… and importantly: no… Read More »

Have astronomers disproved the Big Bang?

If there’s a question that you guys never expected me to ever ask, it might be “have astronomers disproved the Big Bang?” And I understand why you might think that. After all, in my videos, I describe what scientists know about the most cutting-edge topics in physics research. So, perhaps I should be up front… Read More »

Galaxies, part 1: Crash Course Astronomy #38

We live in a pretty cool neighborhood: the Milky Way galaxy. We’re out in the suburbs, sure, but it’s still an interesting place, buzzing with activity. Stars, nebulae, stellar clusters of various sorts, the occasional supernova. It’s a happening place. In the earliest part of the 20th century, astronomers were just starting to figure this… Read More »

Galaxies, part 2: Crash Course Astronomy #39

Hey astronomers, Phil Plait here. In our last episode, I talked about galaxies: vast collections of gas, dust, and upwards of hundreds of billions of stars. We live in one, the Milky Way, a gigantic disk galaxy with sprawling spiral arms. Other galaxies are elliptical, or irregular, or peculiar. But those are classifications based on… Read More »

Dark Matter and Dark Energy: The Frontier of Astronomy

Hey, it’s Professor Dave, I wanna tell you about dark matter. When you really think about everything we have discussed in this astronomy series, you have to admit that our current understanding of the universe is nothing short of astounding. All of those objects in the night sky that we’ve wondered about since we could… Read More »

The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy

Since the Hubble Space Telescope went into orbit back in April 1990, it has sent back a ton of incredible photos. Each has its own story, but one of Hubble’s greatest images is this one, from 1995. This is a snapshot of nearly the entire history of the universe – and the first of its… Read More »

Dark Matter: Crash Course Astronomy #41

A lot of people have noted that astronomy is a humbling enterprise to pursue. After all, every time we make a new discovery, we find ourselves further removed from importance. The Earth is but one planet among many, orbiting a Sun that is one star among hundreds of billions, out in the suburbs of a… Read More »