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Kids Meet a Meteorologist! | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

– Good morning! I am Justin. This is your weather report. So this is gonna be a low, and I think it looks like Montana or something. Oklahoma maybe? (playful music) (footsteps) – Well hello! – Hi. – Hello! I’m Justin. – Justin, nice to meet you. Rich. – Nice to meet you. – I’m… Read More »

Don’t Skip – Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Remasters typically accomplish one of two things: reaffirm our affection for something we hold dear or demonstrate that a game doesn’t fare well under contemporary expectations. Occasionally, however, these remasters provide an opportunity to see things from a new angle. By removing ourselves from the time of release and all of the things informing our… Read More »

Tapwave Zodiac: The Failed 2003 Gaming PDA

Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing! And this thing right here is the Tapwave Zodiac, released in October of 2003 for a price of $299 for this silver model with 32 megabytes of RAM, known as the Zodiac 1. And $399 for a black 128 meg model known as the Z2. So what is… Read More »


Hey everyone welcome back to the channel. My name is cupcake hope you guys are having a great day today today We’re going to be starting a brand new series that I’m really excited for and it’s a create a sim series and the theme for this series is Zodiac so some of you may… Read More »

Pisces – Zodiac CAS | THE SIMS 4

Hey guys welcome back to the channel! My name is cupcake and today, We are finally continuing our creative Sim zodiac series. So, we left off with pisces. Which is my personal favorite because it is actually MY sign! So, Pisces is from February 19th through March 20th. it’s a feminine sign. It’s also a… Read More »

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Porta-Potty BJ

Gavin: Speaking of horrifying, I went downtown this weekend… Gus: Downtown’s already horrifying. Gavin: We’re out in this place, it’s one of those places where the bar itself is quite small… But the outdoor bit was massive, loads of people. And one of those porta-potties in the back. So, I spotted it and I was… Read More »

Tarot divination_平行時空的你過得如何?How do you live in parallel time and space? (English、French、日文..subtitle

This subtitle is produced by subtitle king===subtitle production please contact [email protected]===Hello~ Hello everyone. Today, the topic we are going to test together is One day, the scientist invited him to say that he said Now he has made a river of time So now you see that this pattern is a different block. Scientist said… Read More »

Tarot divination_你在別人眼裡是哪一種妖怪?What kind of monster are you in the eyes of others? (English日文subtitle

What attracts your attention most in the picture is…? 1. plant 2. waterfall 3. lake water 4. other Hello, Hello. Just saw which part of the movie Make you feel very attracted If you choose the 1st plant, it means you are a type of monster that can be a defensive monster. You belong to… Read More »