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Bill Nye to Climate Change Deniers: You Can’t Ignore Facts Forever

You’ve heard the President in drought-stricken California saying that these weather emergencies in effect, are creating the conditions that the government has to act. David, I think that what it brings to mind is how we utilize the information that we have, and we all know. And I think that Bill would probably agree with… Read More »

The Earth: Crash Course Astronomy #11

The Earth is a planet. That’s a profound statement, and one that’s not really all that obvious. For thousands of years, planets were just bright lights in the sky, one-dimensional points that wandered among the fixed stars. How could the Earth be one of them? With the invention of the telescope those dots became worlds,… Read More »

Hasan On His Zodiac Sign | Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

“What have you done personally, if anything—” Damn, dude. “—to try to reduce your carbon footprint?” This is from Nina. Nina, way to just like– – in the middle of it just diss me. “What have you done in your life, if anything?” What have you— I’ve been trying to eat less meat. I’ll do… Read More »

Venus: Death of a Planet

From the fires of a sun’s birth, twin planets emerged. Venus and Earth. Two roads diverged in our young solar system. Nature draped one world in the greens and blues of life. While enveloping the other in acid clouds, high heat, and volcanic flows. Why did Venus take such a disastrous turn? And what light… Read More »