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iyoutome – Pluto – Saturn- Galactic Center Alignment Jan. 12, 2020

There’s a major conjunction that has started. It will peak on January 12 2020 at 11:15 a.m. This conjunction is about Pluto Saturn and the Galactic Center. What you’re about to witness something that is undeniably true. You’ll have to open your mind and let this in. If you were here then you’re meant to… Read More »

Universo – Imagens da Nasa Galáxias Nebulosas Aglomerados Estelares

Images compilation released by NASA and employees through telescopes, space probes and Earth astrophotography. Focusing on recent images! Bubble Nebula Hubble image The view of the Bubble Nebula reminds us that Hubble gives us a front row seat for the inspiring awe-inspiring universe we live This image shows a bright stream of material from a… Read More »

Guía Saint Seiya Zodiac Brave ; Virgo Divino (槍)

Salvia Turned Me Into A Lonely God – Tales from the Trip

Oh no! I’m my mom and I’m my grandmother and I’m alone? And I’m an accordion and I’m not on the planet that I thought I was anymore. Hi, this is Myq Kaplan and here’s a story about a time I did salvia. It was legal and maybe still is and that doesn’t make any… Read More »

Do We Have Free Will or Are We Predetermined?

The history of philosophy has been dominated by competing arguments around the ideas of Free Will and Determinism. Simply stated, the issue hangs on whether human beings should be thought of as fundamentally free to choose their actions and mould their lives – or whether they should be deemed as being at heart determined by… Read More »

Important prayer recommendation from the Spirit of God for…- Love Droplets of God

Important prayer recommendation from the Spirit of God for spiritually mature people Blessed greetings to all people with the heartfelt connection to the universal inner spirit of love! Many people do not know what a God’s prayer is all about, so they are still bound to human traditions. They do not think about it when… Read More »

Seminar Familiar Spirits 102017: Divination, Sorcery, Necromancy, Clairvoyancy. Suffer Not A Witch!

All right good evening All right, we should have had Vivian keep preaching she made a couple of errors our number one when you bring all the people here what she meant to say was we bringing the Kelly she’s right now. We’re Welcome to that Arizona deliverance Center is the van from Flagstaff here… Read More »

Does hinduism believe in many God: Scientific proof for many Gods in Hinduism by Er. Rohit Sharma

Namastey Friends, Today i gonna discuss with you the first question everyone ask to a Hindu Does Hindu believe in many Gods ? I gonna relate the concept of God with Science. so listen very carefully Now, Science relies on energy. Science usually say , if energy is there then any work can be possible.… Read More »

Daily Prayer and Devotion for today, October 23, 2019, Wednesday | Daily Habit

[Music] good day to our subscribers and patrons here in the daily habit channel as we start our days let us contemplate and reflect on the words our Savior taught us let us begin with our day with daily Bible readings devotions and prayer for our daily reading we have chapter 4 verse 19 from… Read More »

mesha rasi || bharani nakshatra ||aries lucky stone||భరణి నక్షత్రం భవిష్యత్ || Sri Telugu astro

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