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Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika! So today, I’m going to be doing the next video in my zodiac series. Y’all Geminis thought I forgot you, but I did not. I’m right here, with your look. It might be one of my favorites. I don’t know. It’s kind of whack, but at the… Read More »

♒ Aquarius December 2019 🎅 Tarot Reading

hello my dear Aquarius welcome I’m Tarot moon light and this is your December 2019 tarot reading and the cards that we have here are justice king of Pentacles ace of swords ten of Pentacles queen of cups and the Tealeaf cards hand chair filled younger woman and the end Wow the ending of the… Read More »

American Graffiti (10/10) Movie CLIP – Drag Race at Paradise Road (1973) HD

Laurie, what in the hell are you doing in there? – Is she gonna ride with you? – Mind your own business,John. Yeah, she’s going with me. You take care of yourself, man. You guys ready? You son of a bitch! Come on, she’s gonna blow. I don’t know. Please, don’t come near me. I’m… Read More »

A 5-minute full-body strength workout from Charlee Atkins

(rock music) – Hi I’m Charlee Atkins creator of Le Sweat. This is the Five Minute Barefoot Arms and Abs presented by Well and Good and Calia by Carrie Underwood. We’re going to do five exercises forty seconds each with a ten second recovery, lets go ahead and get started. First up, bear to plank.… Read More »


Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika! Today I’m going to be doing my next zodiac look. I’m going to be doing Aries. It’s a lot. If you’ve seen any of the other looks, you know. I go all out for these looks. Don’t care if I’m extra. So I did a fire kind… Read More »


Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika! So today, I’m going to be doing my next video in my Zodiac series. I’m going to be doing a Pisces look. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The sign in the middle is kind of . . . But, yeah. This is the look.… Read More »