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Diviners vs Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Mayflies (Diviners Remix)

Wide awake Colors start to run Giving in, like I’m staring at the sun Bending up, ’cause you’re say that you love Me but I know, there is a life I’m giving up In another life the mayflies will take over the sky And another one, away from here I don’t wanna talk about it,… Read More »

Selow – Wahyu (Parody Cover) by Dhapisa Aries

It is common I woke up late often stay up late with friend one boarding friend lecture hours accidentally missed I surrender all to God who have arranged everything my grades and also my fate courses Whatever it is because. I’m slow sleep slow wake up slow slow lecture relax relax I’m not going to… Read More »

Secret Santa | Lele Pons

You see, there’s two type of people in this world The ones that give and the ones that receive. I’m a receiver, okay? I like to receive. Every year, we do a secret santa thing. Okay, okay, we give and receive everything’s great, okay? I never get anything! okay, so like the first year… someone… Read More »

If Game of Thrones Were Indian

(horse whinny) (wind blowing) (sword unsheathing) (orchestral soundtrack) – Do you think I should get an army? What about ships? And then we should cross the sea? More wine? To the Iron Throne. 100% real Valyrian steel, or maybe do you want knife? Real dragon glass. – This stuff is a knockoff. – No. –… Read More »